Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things My Boss Says II

I previously posted a list of clichés my boss uttered from 2008-2009. I intended to wait and post another update after 2010 was over, but the list is already pretty big this year, plus I found some more old ones when I looked through emails he had sent me. I didn't do a scientific study, but I think his cliché-to-email ratio is 1:2. Of course, I try not to repeat them on my list. Yesterday, he caught himself mixing metaphors with "Ridin' herd of the shotgun." I'm still puzzling over that one.

Click "read more" for the latest list:

April 2010
We did lift the skirts a little bit
Ridin’ herd of the shotgun
[To a potential partner] If you would digest those [forms] for us…
Blown the dust off [those old emails]
I will try to close the loop with you on Friday.
Perhaps an “arms length” discussion might actually generate information [as opposed to face-to-face]

March 2010
I had no idea he was going to drop that bomb in the meeting.
Thanks for your callback on the questions below.
Your explanation still leaves me scratching my head a bit.
Still, it’s aggravating to see Godzilla ravage the Japanese countryside even if we don’t live there.

February 2010
Fly under the radar
This is our bread and butter
A nice little notch to have in our gun
Get this nailed down by Friday

January 2010
Stake in the sand
Standing close to the tree (= trying not to leave ourselves out on a limb)
Drink from the firehose (=be overloaded with information)
We’re still gonna stick with the knitting. (=still gonna keep to what we know)

New ones from old emails (2007-2009):
To drill down on some of the specifics
I will try to take the brunt of the “wheel spinning” activity
A moment to breathe
Do you want to take a stab at that job description?
Put some ideas on the table
The way things pile up the last minute requiring heroics from those on the tale end
We’ve been down this road before
Fire up your creative juices (how’s that for a mixed metaphor!) and give the whole intro a face lift.
There doesn’t seem to be a way to “wade in” ankle deep
A double whammy, particularly given the current climate
Due to other things on your plate
Keeping “heroics” to a minimum.
Drawing a line in the sand
I pledge to move this up to the front burner
On the same page
I just want to make an official “tip of the hat” to both of you
I appreciate your stepping up
It’s not all lollipops and roses

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