Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joyeux Bastille Day!

For now, these are my Bastille Day earrings. Next year, I will have guillotines. Oh yes, it will be done.

I heard of guillotine earrings after my college roommate, whose family was living in Germany at the time, brought me a magazine with an article all about the French Bicentennial festivities in 1989. Guillotine earrings were a thing during the Revolution. So ever since 1989, I've been wanting some. They've been the Holy Grail of my earring collection.

When another friend was heading to France for a summer study abroad program in 1990, I asked her to bring me back a pair if she saw them. She went into every jewelry store she passed asking, "Avez-vous des boucles d'oreille guillotine?" and getting some very puzzled reactions from the clerks. Stupide Americaine.

Today, through the miracle of eBay, I know where I can get some. They have a more modern look. It would still be awesome to have authentic antiques, though. Or ones with functional moving blades. And I could wear a bloody head in the other ear. That would be truly revolting. Like the peasants.

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