Monday, December 27, 2010

Not to Poop on Your Nativity Scene...

But have you heard of El Caganer?

El Caganer is a popular figure in Nativity scenes in the Catalonia area of Spain. "Cagar" means "to crap." El Caganer is a figure with his pants down around his ankles having a poo. Generally, he's not placed at the center of the Nativity; he's probably hiding behind a bush somewhere nearby, making it fun for the kiddies to spot him.

You might think I'm full of it, or that this is some sort of modern anti-Christian prank, but El Caganer has been a figure in Nativity scenes since the mid-1600s. He's so popular now, you can get celebrity El Caganer figures, such as President Obama.

Why? Historians and poop psychologists speculate. Is he meant to remind us that Jesus was born human and all that entrails? Is he a cautionary device to warn us that Christ can arrive any time, even when it's least convenient?

These possibilities cannot be eliminated, but it is commonly believed that El Caganer's purpose is to fertilize the earth for the Nativity, to ensure a good harvest and/or general good luck for the coming year. Therefore, it's the LACK of El Caganer's presence in a Nativity scene that often creates a public outcry in Catalonia.

I googled for "El Caganer earrings" and found none. Surely they must exist. If anyone is going to Spain and could bring me back a pair, or even just a real El Caganer figure, it would bring me loads of joy.


  1. outrageous! How do you learn about these things?

  2. entrails! - nice post. xiane

  3. LOL!! That was the crappiest article I have ever read...literally. LOL!! Keep it up!! :)