Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey, Now, I'm an All-Star!

My friend Clever Sign Chick helped me out with these earrings that I'll be wearing when I attend the NHL All-Star Game and related activities this weekend. The frames came from Michaels, and I made them into earrings. I have several interchangeable inserts appropriate for the All-Star Game.

In further explanation of the earrings shown, Eric Staal is the Captain of the Carolina Hurricanes, and he also happens to be the captain of one of the All-Star teams. If he doesn't manage to acquire fellow Hurricanes Cam Ward and/or Jeff Skinner while drafting his team, I may have to remove the "Team Staal" earring.

Chad LaRose is a Hurricanes player who unfortunately did not get elected to participate in the All-Star Game, despite a concerted effort on the part of locals.

The red and black square symbol is the same as the maritime flag that indicates a gale force warning. Two such flags indicate a hurricane.

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