Monday, November 19, 2012

Gee, Wiz!

I could not a-void buying these earrings, and I've been waiting for an excuse to wear them. And here it is: November 19, World Toilet Day! Who knew?!

Of course, this day doesn't eliminate other viable occasions. I could wear them whenever I'm feeling crappy. On payday, when I'm feeling flush. When the NHL announces another hockey season has gone down the tubes. Or if they end the lockout and Buffalo makes it to the Cup finals -- because we all know who will come it at number two.

The possibilities for when to wear these earrings have me gushing.

I could wear them in honor of John's birthday. Or Lou. When Chuck finally takes the throne. Any time I ride the bus. To indicate I'm privy to a secret. After I catch the bitty who dented my car, take her to court, and sewer.

Next time I inquire about trail riding and have to go see a man about a horse. If only I were a man, I could wear these when I meet the Pope! If only I had kids, I could put these on when I drop them off at the pool!

I could don them while playing Scrabble to encourage a good vowel movement.

Maybe I can even wear them again this week - the day after Thanksgiving!

I suppose the neat thing about these earrings is, I don't really need to wait for a holiday or special occasion. They're good on regular days, too.

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