Saturday, February 27, 2010

"I think she's a witch!"

People have commented on my apparent witchiness periodically throughout my life. Although I admit I sometimes perpetuate the witchy image myself (or at least don't mind it), people have commented about it even after having known me for only a few hours, even people who never met me but just observed me from afar, even when I wasn't dressed in all black or a broomstick skirt. Apparently, I exude a witchy aura.

So, am I a witch?

Well, what does that mean? Once upon a time, just being able to swim could get you burned at the stake. Or having a mole, or speaking French, or being a smart woman, or being uncomfortable in church. It's probable I never would have survived the 17th Century, but neither would most of my modern chick friends. Nowadays, folks seem to think being a witch means you're Wiccan, which isn't so officially illegal at least. The US Army will print "Wiccan" on your (or your husband's) dogtags, but I am not Wiccan. Well, I don't know; can you be a non-practicing Wiccan? I mean, I don't perform rituals or speak in rhyming incantations or create potions -- oh wait. Maybe I do.

I concoct cocktails that alter consciousness. I drink dark brews. I play with candles. And cards. I have two black cats! I collect charms. I am nocturnal. I observe obscure ancient holidays with strange rituals. I enjoy flying in the sky to strange lands and speaking in strange tongues. I'm a wicked speller. I have even been known to make people disappear with a mere glance.

Maybe I AM a witch. Maybe modern magic manifests in making mixed drinks (or in liking alliterative language). Are my quirks and affectations just a random combination of things that other people associate with witchcraft, or are they actually the outward manifestations of my true witch self and I really am leading a charmed life? Witch is it?


  1. Sho' 'nuff you a witch. I like to think of it as more of the Welsh/lowland Scot "cunning woman" tradition. And yes, you would have been executed for having a brain and a vagina in the wrong place.

    The only spell I have ever tried to cast was about 3 months ago. I stood at the base of my driveway and asked the universe to protect my home and family. A month ago my 5-year old was hit by a moving truck while sledding. Right in that spot. It was the most horrific thing my eyes have ever beheld. My boy got up, bumped around but alive, and hollered "What the hell was he doing driving backwards!" through his bloody teeth. What is a witch?

  2. There is a difference between being a Witch and being Wiccan, but even so, there are Non-Practicing Wiccans. I was for a while, myself!
    I'm still not exactly a full-on practitioner, but still.
    I currently read up and study, but I also look towards the specific properties of things and their general uses. Like, for example, Oak is for protection and healing; different Celtic knots are for different things (there're ones for protection, fertility/life, etc) as are different runes (self-defense, creativity, etc). For years I wore two Runes and two Knots as necklaces, and I never took them off - until I felt that I didn't need to cling to them so dearly. They helped me through so much, and that's one reason I've become so attached to Wicca.
    Being a Witch is more being respectful of and relatively in-tune with Nature, learning how it is important to everything going on, and often-times how it can be used medicinally. It's something that is rather relaxed.
    It has also been described that (almost) all Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccans. :)