Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vive la Révolution!

As I mentioned in a previous post or two, I have been wanting guillotine earrings since I read about them in 1989 in a magazine article about the French Bicentennial. They were the Holy Grail in my quest to have earrings for every occasion. Until this year, I only had Eiffel Tower earrings to wear on Bastille Day, but I didn't feel like they quite cut the Grey Poupon. I finally acquired the guillotine earrings shown in the photo from ebay; however, I would really like to know what the antique ones from France look like, so if you ever come across them, do let me know.

Today is Bastille Day (the storming of the Bastille is seen as the symbolic start of the French Revolution), and I finally get to wear guillotine earrings, but it is also my last day of employment at a company where I first worked 19 years and 9 months ago. I have been unhappy in my position there for many years, and I finally got a new job.

Thus, today is a day when two of my longest held desires are fulfilled. By literally fulfilling the one desire, I also symbolically celebrate the other. Vive la liberté! Let them eat cake.

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