Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Postal

Since I already blogged my Chinese New Year earrings, and since the postage rate increased today (well, technically, yesterday, a Sunday), I thought I would show you my postage stamp earrings. Because, yes, I have postage stamp earrings. Two in fact. Kinda two and a half even.

First, there are these earrings made from Canadian postage stamps. I do not remember why I have these. I didn't buy them in Canada. Somebody gave them to me. I suppose I could wear them on Canada Day, but I have other Canada Day earrings.

Then we have the Bugs Bunny postage stamp earrings, which were a gift from a postal worker who I think wanted to play post office with me. The denomination on them is $.32. How long ago was that?

I also have a Buddy Holly postage stamp pin, but it's pretty silly. Somebody laminated a stamp and glued a pin on back, punched a couple holes in it, and hung some charms off the bottom. But I took the charms off so I could use them as earrings. Of course.

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