Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking at the Year Ahead

Once people become aware of my quest to have earrings for every occasion, they have some typical questions. After a usually pathetic attempt at stumping me by mentioning some holiday they think is obscure (like Groundhog Day, for which I have not one but two pairs of earrings), eventually they might ask what holidays I don't have covered. I addressed that topic in a recent post.

They might also ask how many earrings are in my collection, to which I don't have a good answer. It's kind of hard to count because I have been known to use things likes Christmas ornaments or wine charms or safety pins as earrings. I figure I have around 300 pairs, but it's totally a rough guess.

So then the next question people typically ask is "Where do you keep them all?"

I have five of the plastic knick-knack boxes shown in the photo, which are usually sold for sewing notions or bead crafters. There are probably an average of five pairs of earrings in each compartment. If you look at this photo and multiply, I guess that makes my collection number more around 400, but some of the compartments hold rings and necklaces instead of earrings. I also have other jewelry chests.

This photo shows the tray that holds most of my holiday earrings beginning with January/February in the top left and ending with New Year's Eve in the bottom right (with the larger square on the left for some of the larger Halloween earrings). I keep my subcollection of Christmas earrings in another place altogether and only bring them out after Thanksgiving.

In case you are wondering, the parrots in the bottom left are for Talk Like A Pirate Day in September. I haven't blogged those yet. In fact, there are quite a few holiday earrings I haven't blogged yet. For example, I just acquired some for Palm Sunday, which this year falls on April Fool's Day. Apparently, in addition to a few more jewelry chests, I could use a few more holes in my ears!

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